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Why would I start a business??

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In my research of figuring this whole “starting my own Residential Cleaning business” thing, I came across some books that seemed to interest me in the studying of making my business successful. As many people who are probably (hopefully) reading this. (BTW these are my first attempts to create blogs, hang in there with me, I’m sure I will get better the more I do, practice makes perfect) we are all trying to figure out the ways of being successful. I found a book, that has enlightened me and makes perfect sense. “The E Myth Revisited” Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it By Michael E. Gerber (1995) In 2010 he was awarded World’s #1 small business Guru. Safe to say, I think I should trust his words, and see if he can’t help me find my path. I’ll be throwing in bits and pieces from this book and blogs to come. The first part made me think a lot. Especially since we still are kind of in the beginning stages. (this is seriously taking some time ha “Patience Deb Patience”) Who goes into business and why? I found myself looking back at when the light bulb went off above my head, and I decided enough was enough and I wanted to run my own business. I always had that feeling of “I’m pretty sure I could run this company soooooo much better” Right? You know what I’m talking about, things don’t always run the way we think it should. Doesn’t mean the company you work for sucks, just…. you see the vision of it in a different way. We all have different opinions. We don’t know why they started it, and our dreams are different as well. But for me, as said perfectly from the book (Quoted) “It might have been a feeling that your boss didn’t really appreciate your contribution to the success of his business” This really hit home, as when You know your worth, you know when someone DOESN’T know your worth. If you strive to be successful, we are always going above and beyond at our job, looking for that recognition that will eventually move us up in that company. If we continue to push and push and work our bums off, and get where? nowhere!?!?!?! If you are someone who strives for that success, why not start a business where you know what your capable of, and understand that, that top floor office is not our limit, the skies the limit. To me, that is endless.

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1 Comment

Sep 12, 2020

Love your blog , godspeed with your company.

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