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2020 Life

This Year has been in spotlight. Making us question certain things, opening our eyes to new ideas, and a new way of life. A lot has changed, and this will probably be a year that everyone will remember. The most important thing to me this year has been whether or not my goals(business) would make it through this trying time(perfect time to start a business I know ha), giving the opportunity to give my children a good life, and just the possibility of finally being stable. This has become difficult, and starting a business is stressful enough to begin with. I have kept pushing forward, and striving to make things happen, but I’m being held back. I am still hopeful, and still have that goal in mind. I’m sure a lot of business owners can relate, when they started their own, and their goals and dreams were in full force. Feels impossible to reach sometimes. I had previously done my blog on being a role model for my children, and I still am pushing harder than ever for that. The most important thing is family, and being a parent, taking care of my family is above all other things. We don’t realize when were young how hard of a job that is. No one mentioned how expensive groceries are, and how majority of the time, your living paycheck to paycheck, because after bills and grocery store trip, your back to being broke, and have to wait for next payday for anything else that was needed or more bills (because seriously that’s the only thing that comes in my mail box or emails). When you lose a job, or a job was taken from you, or like me, business isn’t going like you thought it would go, those bills and hungry children don’t stop. The bills don’t care that you’re a single mom, and don’t have the funds. Even help through your state, doesn’t always work for everyone. Not everyone can be accepted for help. Not everyone has help from family or friends, until you get situated. The reality is that, you must “figure it out” which has kinda been my quote for the past 3 years. I ALWAYS figure it out. It is sooo hard, but I do. I don’t think my children ever know that mom’s wallet has cobwebs, and that I’m constantly on the phone with bills trying to move things around. One thing us parents know how to do, is pretend like everything is okay. All smiles and cupcakes over here. Haha. With that being said, during this pandemic, think of your small businesses, and new businesses. These people and families are trying to make a life for themselves and a future for their children, support is needed, and its always great to uplift people for them going above and beyond for their goals and dreams. Give them credit, because they may not be given any anywhere else. I support local businesses and new companies, in hopes that they succeed. Ever seen the movie “pay it forward”? (very sad at the end, yes ☹) but…… the story, the message it sends, says everything.

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