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Meeting New People

Is meeting new people kinda awkward? You get a little nervous? I guess not everyone has that problem (lucky for them, lol) But, Id like to think of myself as pretty out-going. I don’t necessarily get nervous to meet new people, but I feel anticipation. Wonder, of "will it be awkward?!? :/ will we get along?", “oh gosh I hope I don’t say anything stupid” haha, but I guess since everyone is different, you don’t know what their thinking. But on top of that anticipation “nervousness” I also feel excited and interested in making a new friend, or learning something new, or hearing stories. If your given the privilege, you hear some pretty amazing things from people. Maybe their story is adventurous, success stories, Parenting(We all know how us moms can be, LOL don’t get me going, I almost always bring up my children in any line of conversation Ha), or can even be sad stories, but all these types of stories keep us humble. I learn so much in that little bit of conversation. I enjoy meeting new people for that very reason. In the industries I’ve worked over the past, it has always been with the public, customer service. So, I’ve met so many interesting people. Made tons of new friends from all over the united states, and here I am continuing to try and meet new people and make friends. Being genuine is the key to meeting new people. I’m glad to see many people starting to just be real, and truly themselves, (I remember there was a time when “fitting in” and “popular” was the BIG thing..ughh, need I say more) Just being yourself throws off the best vibe to people, and I believe in that. Everyone gives off their own special vibe. With everything going on in the world today, in my little life bubble I have I wanna give off as many GOOD VIBES as I can. Being positive and confident in yourself. I’m not the “conversation tip pro” but I guess working all these years with so many different people have taught me a thing or two. Which I’m sure you already knew to just be yourself, 😊 but if you didn’t notice, I also taught you a little about me…… 😊

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