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Stop Being Afraid

I may end up getting a little personal in this one, only because I have experienced things that I know built me up, even though they weren’t such great things, but, built me up for where I am right now. I always try and build up people around me when they have goals, or start getting their life together, or even if they haven’t figured it out yet, but are making plans. We get stuck some where in life where we think that life is supposed to be a certain way. That we can’t push for higher than that. I know I have previously talked about this in another blog, but this time, its that fear part that keeps us from taking that extra step, that leap of faith that I want to talk about. I’ve attached a quote “If it scares you, it’s a sign you need to do it” How do you feel about that quote? What does it say to you? Look at where you are in life, and maybe you are thinking of doing a career change, but afraid of something different, or learning something new. Even simple things can seem scary. If we take that chance, it could be the most remarkable experience or feeling we have ever felt, and then you will look back and wonder what you were scared of to begin with. I took a chance in a new city, and state. Moving to Cleveland to fix some personal things, and it just didn’t work out. Instead of running back home to Virginia, I literally took an overnight bag and a plastic bag and hit the sidewalk. Literally. I lost my job the next day, no home, no job, no car…. I thought “what in the world am I going to do?? I luckily had a friend here, and she took me in for a while. Fast forward 8 months later, I had to find a new place to live, and a car. I was without a car for little over a year I believe. So, again I was pushed down in a hole. I had previously tried to get my health insurance license, and after taking the test 3 times, I gave up. (it just wasn’t interesting to me) but, after getting a car and finally finding my own place, then that’s when things started changing for me. It was tight, and a lot of hard work, but I pushed through. I took to downtown Cleveland and worked in a law firm and also taking a second job. Pausing the story for a second, to just note, how I know this is a short and sweet story, but how scared I was when I didn’t think I had anything, and where I was going to go, or how I was going to pay bills, and so forth. Somehow, I pushed past my fear and kept going. I had a lot of positive people in my life I had met and made so many friends along the way that supported me. I have a lot to be grateful for. Now I own my own company, and it is flourishing! I get overwhelmed sometimes, when I don’t know how I am going to handle all the work, and pay for everything, or just worrying about another bank account haha, I do good keeping up with my personal one. I am learning so much, in what feels like a short time, but I roll with it, and hit it all head on, and I ALWAYS am so glad I kept pushing and going farther. If you give it a chance, the results and rewards are so worth it. So, when it scares you, say “I’m going for it, Lets do this!!” then wait a while and look back…… aren’t you glad? You are capable of anything. I am not stopping with this company, I have other plans, and I will be going after that too. You decide where your life goes. If you choose to push to do better and set out goals and dreams and make them happen then you will have fulfilled your life, and a happy one. Don’t be afraid!!! Get out there and make your dreams happen!!!

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