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Troubles in Business?

I made a previous Blog discussing the book I have been reading (yes I’m still reading it, with the zoom classes and new business, kids, work, and the holidays, its been…..well…. you know ha) So, it has been a while since I posted. I am still new at this, and trying to get so much done, all at the same time. I wanted to continue discussing this book, I do enjoy it and find it very informative. Just to recap, the book is called “The “E” Myth Revisited” By Michael E. Gerber the worlds #1 small business Guru. Basically, going through the stages of a growing business and focusing on why most small businesses don’t work and what you can do about it. Listening to questions that you probably would forget, but given the situation, would have made all the difference if asked. The quote I came across recently that sparked my interest was actually from an entrepreneur he was assisting at a time of need. She said, “All of a sudden everything that has looked so dark feels light again” Have you felt like this with your business? Who else can relate?? This spoke volumes to me, even though we have only had our business for 6 months. Wow! 6 months, feels longer. So much has happened in that 6 months, that’s why! Its been good, GREAT actually….. but there have been some moments. We have pushed through and stayed positive, therefore feeling light again. I think we have come to that point. I was hopeful for 2021 (Happy New Year BTW!!! I’m sure everyone was ready for 2020 to go on somewhere haha) to be some change. Be some Light. It hasn’t gotten too dark, but I’m a Virgo so I worry about everything and overthink most things. Not knowing how things will happen from day to day, especially in the beginning. Its funny that when we think of businesses, Big or small, we don’t actually see what goes on to keep that business thriving, how much the owner or managers are working to keeping up with bills, and business flow. We don’t see the almost fail before they picked up the pieces and gracefully brought that business back to life. I NEVER thought about that, makes you wonder now huh? until I took the leap with this one did, I think about that, and I am definitely busy, and picking up pieces and putting things back together again. Constantly pushing ourselves. Quitting is something I haven’t pondered on at all once we set on this journey. Its literally not in our vocabulary. We make it work. I guess that’s what I love about this book, because the advice given, and questions, scenarios, and stories really bring to light what this is all about and how to stay on your P’s and Q’s to keep your business going, and teaching me so much. I recommend this book to anyone starting their own business or thinking about doing it. Has Your business hit a dark side? And How did you get through that? What keeps you positive throughout? I’d love to hear some stories, comment below, may be able to pass along more helpful information for other “upcoming Entrepreneurs” 😊

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