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Are you a Role Model?

When I started in this industry, I was just a cleaner. I worked two jobs and worked a lot. Being a single mom wasn’t easy, with two children, and working that much. My daughter knew what I did at my job, and I remember her telling me something that made me giggle, but also make me think about that in a different way. “I wanna be just like my mommy when I grow up” (Of course all of us mom melt when they say stuff like that haha) (we feel proud, even if they are only 5) “I wanna vacuum” This makes me laugh, its sweet and innocent. Like I said, she was 5, but this actually made me realize that I need to be more. My goals in life has always been to be the best mother I can be and be a role model for my children. I have always wanted to be someone they could look up to. And I think all moms are like that. We want to show our children that you have the potential to do anything you want, because you watched mom do it, (and dads, I’m not leaving you guys out) watched her build her life, from the bottom, and make something of herself. Later in life when our children have grown, will then benefit from watching that throughout their life. Letting us know with their success just how much we made an impact on their life, and how much they learned from you. In the end, Not only are we proud of our children but ourselves, for teaching them to pursue their dreams and strive for their goals. My children have seen me be a rock bottom, and now, well…… You’re on my own business website. So, are you a role model? Are you, like me working towards that goal?

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